PSU Rec Center 4th Floor Expansion

Completed in 2015, this project expanded and reconfigured fitness areas within the Portland State University Academic & Student Recreation Center (ASRC). Drawing from the recommendations of a feasibility study we developed for PSU in 2014, the project added 3,400 sf space within the existing facility and maximized existing space efficiency and equipment layout on both levels three and four.

A key project goal was to provide much-needed additional space for overcrowded fitness activities while not compromising the open character of the original two-story weight room space, which was originally designed to accommodate internal expansion. To achieve this, a portion of the two-story space was left open and new connecting stair added, maintaining views between the floors and providing a new direct link between the fitness areas.

To further promote connection and functionality, the project also included the relocation of a multipurpose room from the corner of the building to a more central location, creating more contiguous open fitness area and increasing the visual connections between these areas and the views beyond.

Portland, OR

12,000 sf renovation
3,400 sf expansion


KPFF Structural
Interface Engineering
Skanska USA Building, Inc.

Christian Columbres