H|M Townhouses

This project develops two contiguous lots in North Portland to create new multi-unit infill housing based on opportunities offered by the City of Portland zoning code changes in the Residential Infill Project (RIP). The design, currently under construction, creates a new fourplex adjacent to a new triplex, adding density to the neighborhood and better taking advantage of the site’s corner and alley frontages.

To plan for potential further allowable density in the future, the site plan is configured to accommodate four additional townhouses to complete the block. In all the new units, simple forms and materials are used to both relate to the scale and character of the existing residential context and to create a quietly distinctive new development.

Portland, OR

4,990 sf (Fourplex)
3,850 sf (Triplex)

2023 (expected)

Structural Department
Vega Civil Engineering
PHK Construction