AAA Oregon/Idaho Service Center Remodel

This project completely renovated the interior spaces of AAA’s Boise Service Center and Call Center. Interior spaces were reconfigured to provide an organized office layout that includes open and flexible office space as well as enclosed meeting rooms and offices for acoustical privacy. A large event space was added to allow for seminars and functions for AAA Members, and the building entry, lobby, and back patio were enhanced to improve the sense of arrival and amenities for members and employees.

The project included much-needed improvements to the  building’s central lobby. The existing translucent fiberglass gable roof was at the end of its life and was replaced with a metal standing seam roof with a central skylight. The tile flooring consistently cracked during building maintenance and a patchwork of tiles were used to replace the broken tiles. This floor was replaced with a durable carpet and the painted and wood clad columns from the exterior extended into the lobby space. We worked closely with our client to create an open and flexible space that be utilized by AAA members and staff for large events and for break out meeting space.

After and before view of the reception at the AAA Oregon/Idaho Service Center in Boise, Idaho. The renovation fully updated and modernized the interior spaces. Working with our client, we provided a much-needed update to the interior materials, improved the interior space organization, and created a better sense of arrival for AAA members and employees.

AAA Oregon/Idaho’s values are prominently displayed and are one of the first items a member sees when entering the Service Center.

A backlit stainless steel AAA sign is placed behind the reception desk with adjacent shelving for map and tour books.

Boise, ID

14,270 sf


KPFF Structural
Shapiro/Didway Landscape Architecture
Nossa Norman Design Studio
HC Company, Inc

Amanda Allard Photography